Wild animal repellents

Wild animals in search of food often cross the border of forests and wild fields, entering cultivated areas, built-up and public territories, causing damage to farms and crops. They pose a threat to road traffic, which may result in serious accidents. How to fix this?

The largest fireworks wholesaler in Szczecin, S-PIRO.PL, through the store www.dobrefajerwerki.pl is a leader in the sale of all types of firecrackers and sound emitters , cartridges and flash rockets, i.e. pyrotechnic wild game deterrents, widely used in thousands of farms throughout Poland.

Pyrotechnic scarers, thanks to their design, allow for long-term (from 6 to 8 hours) scaring away wild animals, such as: wild boars, deer, foxes, starlings, moose, wolves - within fields and forests, crops and fruit orchards. Each "bang string" has up to a dozen strong firecrackers hanging on it, which explode at uneven intervals (between 15 and 30 minutes) and scare away the animals, protecting the results of the work of many farmers.

Shooters, strings of firecrackers, "hukers" - animal repellents - are bought both by individuals in small quantities and by various hunting clubs providing services to the public.

The best performing HUKERY can be found in our store: XP0001 by TRIPLEX and Polish-made thick ropes PH8.

Pistol and revolver flares are also an effective solution (knallpatronen), e.g. RP1 by JORGE or supermocne H080 from the German company ZINK

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