The real nuisance are wild boarswhich have become accustomed to human presence and do not intend to stop theirdestructive visits at all costs. Ruined fields and eaten crops are a common result of visits by these animals, the effects of which are strongly felt by crop owners. Wild boars are becoming bolder and approaching habitats inhabited by humans. We advise against chasing away these animals on your own, as a close encounter with an adult wild boar may be dangerous and may result in loss of health. A defending boar may attack us ruthlessly and cause harm.

Orchard owners are well aware of how difficult it is to fight feisty birds that like crops. The most troublesome species are starlings which attack orchards, fields and vineyards, destroying and eating cherries, sour cherries, plums, blueberries and apples. The starling is an invasive species and poses a major threat not only to human crops, but also to our entire ecosystem.

The group of animals that destroy crops also includes roe deer, moose, deer, beavers and martens - as well as birds: wild geese, cranes and ravens.

The ideal solution for scaring away wild animals are bang ropes, also called hukers or firecracker ropes. Huker will effectively, non-invasively, safely and virtually maintenance-free scare away pesky animals. The banger cord - unlike standard firecrackers, which have to be lit each time - only needs to be lit once, which allows for several hours of operation. Hukers spontaneously set off a firecracker at half-hour intervals, which scares away wild animals with a loud bang. HUKER XP0001 banger rope with 12 firecrackers, operates for approx. 6 hours. Just hang it in the place of your choice and enjoy peace and quiet.

Numerous hunting clubs in Poland provide services to farmers by protecting crops, scaring away game, and moving these wild animals to areas away from crops. Shooting ropes - deterrents Hookers are very trusted and popular in forestry and hunting clubs.

Bang firecracker strings are available in the store - we send them single, in packs of 12 pieces or in whole boxes of 72 ropes, which gives a total of as many as 864 arrows for almost 432 hours!

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