Scenic fountains of sparks

Scenic fountains of sparks

Stage spark fountains are also known as stage fountains , spark launchers , cold spark generators , stage pyrotechnics , stage pyrotechnics . They are used with great success at many concerts, parties, fashion shows and festivals, sporting events and weddings. They can be used for virtually any celebration, both indoors and outdoors. Especially for this purpose, they are divided into outdoor scenic fountains - the so-called outdoor and scenic indoor fountains - the so-called indoors. Indoor stage fountains sometimes also have the "no smell" marking, which emphasizes their significantly reduced smoke toxicity during combustion, which allows for the safe use of stage pyrotechnics indoors.

Stage spark fountains are factory-equipped with an electric igniter with a cable of approx. 50 cm, have different spark heights (from 1 m to 10 m) and different operating times (from 1 to 60 seconds). Igniting stage fountains is possible with the help of specialized pyrotechnic equipment and the occasional use of a square 9V-PP3 battery. In our store you will find the best quality electric stage fountains with the most popular parameters applicable in virtually all circumstances.

The fountain can be used in many ways:

  • during outdoor photo sessions
  • at weddings
  • at hen parties
  • at stag parties
  • during birthdays
  • during name day
  • at various types of celebrations
  • for films or music videos
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