Firecrackers produce a strong bang without a light effect and are one of the most sought-after pyrotechnic products. Most of the more powerful firecrackers and sound emitters are fuse-type. Smaller firecrackers are sometimes shot at random and there are much fewer of them on our market.

Firecrackers and sound emitters are always available at good prices in the largest fireworks and firecrackers wholesaler - S-PIRO Wholesaler and in our online store! From the weakest to the strongest on the market, from the best manufacturers - firecrackers Jorge, Triplex, Piromax, Gaoo, Klasek - the entire series of Dum Bum, Funke, Tropic, Zena Fireworks, Roger Fireworks, Bufalo, Arpi, etc. Firecrackers and sound emitters are in constant use. sales all year round,thanks. Many farmers save their crops from wild boars, roe deer, starlings and other animals, effectively using them to scare them away in fields and orchards.

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