Pipe launchers, also known as batteries, cakes or cubes, are the best-selling pyrotechnic products for all events and celebrations. They are the most spectacular and evoke the most positive emotions in both adults and children. The launchers differ in caliber (from 15mm to 50mm) and in the number of shots (from 7 to 1,000). However, there are many different effects and colors that brighten the sky. Our offer includes hundreds of launchers with different durations - from a few seconds to even 6 minutes! All effects are carefully selected by our pyrotechnicians at numerous presentations from domestic and foreign importers. For you - the best assortment at the best prices and stored in real pyrotechnic warehouses that we built especially in Szczecin. The entire range is available at our S-PIRO Fireworks Wholesaler in Szczecin or at our online store all year round and 7 days a week.

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